Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 6-10, 2017

Monday, February 6 B

Essential Question: How does one's reaction to change help define who he/she is?
Learning Objective: Students will read narratives and make inferences in order to analyze a text's meaning.  Students will be able to cite textual evidence to support inferences.
Skills: analyze characters (RL3), support inferences (RL1, RL3), analyze theme RL2), L1b identify types of phrases and their functions
Assessment: Prepositional phrases wksts,  small group discussions, pair and share with Metamorphosis notes sheets, Voc context clues in Google Classroom

Wkst on Adj/Adv phrases due today-- let's correct.
Let's label more

More analysis of "The Metamorphosis"  (Let's finish!)

Assign Voc 5 Definitions
Answer question in Schoology-- Discussions Pink Folder

Wednesday, February 8 B

Essential Question:  How can one author's perceptions be similar or different from another's?
Learning Objective: Students will be able to analyze representations in different mediums (RL7)
Skills: analysis (RL1, RL3,RL7, RL5), support inferences (RL1, RL3), Determine Meaning of Words (RL4), 

Vocabulary 5 Context Clues due

Appositives-- wkst for practice

Discuss Performance Task Question from last class.

Selection test on "The Metamorphosis"-- In Schoology  

Begin analysis of the graphic novel 

Assign Voc 5 words definitions.... to your notebook please:  VIDEO HERE

Friday (No School)

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